Kobe Pharmaceutical University Students Visit MCPHS

KPU Group Photo

On Friday, March 4th, 2016, a group of pharmacy students from Kobe Pharmaceutical University (KPU) in Kobe, Japan visited MCPHS University as part of a program hosted by Showa Boston. This program, which has sent a group to MCPHS each of the last several years, is designed to help students develop their cross-cultural awareness and foster personal and professional growth.  While in Boston, students visit hospitals, pharmacies, museums and cultural sites.  Each year, KPU students rate their visit to MCPHS as one of their favorite parts of the experience.

As part of their visit with MCPHS, KPU students received a campus tour, were led in pharmacy lab simulation activities by Dr. Cathy Taglieri and Professor Steve Crosby, and made the short trip over to Dana Farber Cancer Institute where they were shown around by Dr. Christy Harris.  Another highlight of the program was the opportunity for KPU students to interact with MCPHS students.  On Friday afternoon, KPU students led a presentation about pharmaceutical studies in Japan and life in Kobe.  MCPHS students asked questions, and both groups were able to learn from each other about the similarities and differences between Japanese and American pharmacy study. For many KPU students, this was their first time visiting the United States.

MCPHS is proud to collaborate with KPU and provide global programming for our students and others.


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